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Streettohome Benefits from Sidoo Family Giving Sponsored Dinner

David Sidoo and Manjy Sidoo

Streettohome Benefits from Sidoo Family Giving Sponsored Dinner

On May 3, 2012, Manjy Sidoo and five unique women enjoyed a very special meal served in the Holt Renfrew Vancouver display windows as a fundraiser and awareness creator for the Streettohome Foundation.

Manjy Sidoo was approached by Holt Renfrew about the event and agreed to partner with them, the Fairmont Hotel and Jo Malone London fragrances to put on the dinner when she learned that half of the proceeds would go to the charity of her choice, which in this case was Streettohome. “It’s a great opportunity to bring awareness and attention to the Streetohome Foundation,” said Manjy.

The five glamorous women who joined Manjy Sidoo at the event were treated to a delectable meal catered by Executive Chef Darren Brown of ORU, Fairmont Pacific Rim and served in the Jo Malone London window of Holt Renfrew. From 8-10pm, passersby the window on Dunsmuir St in Vancouver would have seen the lovely women dining in high style.

The extraordinary dining experience was enriched by presentations from representatives from Jo Malone London; Barbara Wolfson, Divisional Vice-President and General Manager of Holt Renfew Vancouver; and Streettohome Foundation President and CEO, Dick Vollet.

“We’re here tonight at the Jo Malone counter at Holt Renfrew to be the recipient of some very generous donations from Manjy Sidoo and David Sidoo,” said Dick Vollett, “and they‘re involved with Streetthome as one of our major campaign supporters. We are trying to build supportive housing for the homeless folks in Vancouver; trying to solve that homeless cycle.”

“The reason I decided to participate in this fantasic, unique event tonight is to bring awareness to Streettohome,” said Manjy Sidoo. “I think them being involved tonight, with Dick Vollett who’s the CEO contributing to the evening, educating people so to speak and doing it in this environment here at Holt Renfrew it just brings a bit of fun to the evening as well. So it’s always great to marry fun and philanthropy together!”

The event raised $5000 for Streettohome and generated great exposure for the Foundation, all in a unique and memorable way.

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