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Jordan Sidoo Christmas Giving: Sponsoring a New School Playground

David Sidoo and Manjy Sidoo

David Sidoo and his family Manjy and son Jordan have responded to our Adopt a School story that the school needs $7,800 to erect a new playground at Lord Selkirk elementary school.

The Sidoo Family has worked together to give a lasting gift to 73 elementary school children at Lord Selkirk Annex in Vancouver.

Recently, the school board mandated that the school tear down an aging playground structure, which would leave children with just one plastic structure to play on.  The school had applied to the Vancouver Sun for a $7800 grant to erect used playground equipment from another school to replace the soon-to-be-removed set.

David and Manjy Sidoo have been strong supporters of the Adopt-a-School campaign and have a very deep focus on making a difference in the lives of children in their community. This belief is something that they are passing on to their children.

In a two-week period, David and Manjy’s son Jordan raised $4000 selling pen sets to support the replacement of Lord Selkirk’s playground. And as a member of the St George’s school service committee, Jordan has committed to rounding up other St Georges students to help dismantle the equipment for transfer to Lord Selkirk Annex.

Last week the Sidoo Family came forward to advise the school that they would cover the remaining cost of installing the equipment. “As a family we wanted to do something for Christmas and it’s really nice being able to help this school. The kids shouldn’t lose their playground,” said David Sidoo.

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