Supporting Our Communities Through        
Time, Talent and Treasure


The following projects highlight some of the wonderful initiatives that Sidoo Family Giving is proud to support.


David SidooDown Set Hut Football Camps

Conceived and founded by David’s friend, former CFL, NFL and XFL pro footballer, Bobby Singh, the Down Set Hut Football Camp takes place each May in Richmond, BC. The non-contact skills camp is aimed at boys and girls aged 7-15 with skills and experience ranging from beginner through advanced. Attendees are grouped according to age and rotate through eight different stations that represent the player positions on the football field. The kids are coached by an exciting array of Pro talent throughout the day.

Sidoo Family Giving remains deeply involved with the Down Set Hut Football Camp because it provides invaluable opportunities for youth to develop lifelong team building skills and gain inspiration and guidance from dedicated professional athletes.

2011 Down Set Hut Football Camp Scores with Local Youth

UBC Athletics

David and Manjy Sidoo are both UBC alumni, and Sidoo Family Giving is the largest single donor to the university’s athletes’ scholarship program. Each year SFG funds 14-20 athletic scholarships to create opportunities for students within the community to attend UBC.

As a former UBC Thunderbirds football star who went on to play in the CFL, David has consistently given back to the school and team that supported his dreams. In 2010 David sponsored the renovation of Thunderbird Stadium’s Heritage Room, complete with a state of the art AV system. The room celebrates the history of UBC football and provides an inspiring meeting place for the varsity football team and for pre and post-game gatherings of T-Bird alumni.

“As a member of the Men’s Hockey Team would like to take this opportunity to express how much our team appreciates your donation to the varsity gym. The new gym has given our team, as well as every other varsity sport, the opportunity to become better, stronger, and more fit athletes. In season fitness plays a huge role in UBC striving to win championships, and with your donation, all teams can continue to strive for excellence.

Not only do the players have a place to work on strength and conditioning, it gives our team a place to get a proper warm up in prior to games. I have no doubt that this new gym will help our team be fully prepared to be on our top game every night. It is people like you who make UBC such a great place to be. You are one of the reasons UBC athletics will continue to grow and become destined for championships. On behalf of all the guys on the Men’s Hockey Team, I want to thank you so much for your commitment to UBC and for the amazing donation to our weight room. We can’t thank you enough,


Justin McCrae and the rest of the UBC Men’s Hockey Team”

“Dear Mr. Sidoo,
I am writing on behalf of the UBC Football team to show our appreciation for your generous donation to improve the varsity weight room. As I am sure you know, a good training environment is essential to get the most out of each individual on our team. The new varsity weight room is a great facility with all the equipment and space needed to accomplish this goal. Furthermore, we are able to perform team lifts, where either the offence or defence will head to the gym after practice and lift. These group training sessions are an excellent breeding ground for team camaraderie and allow the guys on the team more opportunities to hang out off the field. The upgrades to the weight room have allowed for these group lifts, and I know it will pay dividends for the program in the future. Thank you for your generous donations, we are all excited to “get after it” in the new facility!
Alex Babalos #14”

NWSS Football Program

An alumnus of the New Westminster Secondary School football program, David Sidoo has provided scholarships for young players who demonstrate dedication and excellence on the field and off. In addition, Sidoo Family Giving contributed to the revamping of the NWSS football stadium, which provided an enhanced spectator and player experience for the senior team and two junior teams that comprise the 150-student program.

The Arts

Vancouver Opera Guild

Stemming from a deep passion for the arts, Manjy Sidoo has been an active member of the Vancouver Opera Guild Board of Directors for a number of years. Sidoo Family Giving also lends support to this worthwhile organization that supports educational programs such as Vancouver Opera in the Schools, supports young talent through the Metropolitan Opera National Council auditions held each November, and provides the annual Career Development Grant.

Community Wellness

New Westminster Secondary School Breakfast Club

A few years ago, David and Manjy Sidoo became aware that every day hundreds of children in British Columbia go to school hungry for reasons ranging from poverty to an inability to eat first thing in the morning. What shocked them most was that his unfortunate reality of hunger affects children in David’s home community of New Westminster, BC. With the statistics hitting so close to home, Sidoo Family Giving took action.

Over the past two years, Sidoo Family Giving has contributed $30,000 into a healthy meals program in the New Westminster BC School District. As a result, more than twelve thousand nutritious meals and snacks were served to over one thousand students each year.

Unfortunately, amazing programs like the Breakfast Club don’t have unlimited funding. They require external support. By taking action to back this worthwhile program and by creating awareness about the program in the media, Sidoo Family Giving hopes to inspire other philanthropists who’ve been successful in life to turn to their communities and respond to the needs that await.

Even the smallest inspiration can result in a huge impact.

Please visit Jordan Sidoo’s website: The Breakfast Club by Jordan Sidoo.

The Breakfast Club Scores High Marks at NWSS


Approximately 3700 people are homeless in the City of Vancouver. Streetohome addressed the underlying needs and root causes of homelessness in order to facilitate safe, decent, supportive housing and break the cycle of homelessness. Streetohome also strives to prevent those at risk from ever becoming homeless.

The Streetohome Foundation is a community organization that brings together business, government and community leaders to build resources and develop lasting solutions to homelessness.

Sidoo Family Giving has raised and contributed significant funding support to this very worthwhile initiative and continues to be involved with the organization.