Supporting Our Communities Through        
Time, Talent and Treasure


There are countless wonderful, giving organizations in this world and these are just a few that we have supported or aligned with over the years. They are listed in alphabetical order.

Clinton Foundation (
“The success of our work is measured by a single question: Are people better off now than when we started?” – President William J. Clinton

Down Set Hut Football Camp
The Down Set Hut Football Camp is a one day annual event where kids ages 7-15 can learn from CFL and NFL professionals and are provided with a rare opportunity to develop lifelong team building skills and to excel in the popular sport of football. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player, the Down Set Hut Football Camp offers training for all levels of athleticism.

Indo-Canadian Friendship Society of BC (
For the past ten years, the society has led several Village Life Improvement Projects in Punjab, India. Together with its Canadian based Board of Directors, hundreds of villager volunteers, and the assistance of the Canadian, Indian, and Punjabi governments, the ICFS has successfully spearheaded almost $1 million in infrastructure projects. The projects focus on providing rural Indian villages with: sanitary living conditions; access to clean drinking water; sewage disposal systems; increased public health awareness; and rural infrastructure upgrades.

Janta Sewak Society (Janta Sewak Society Facebook Page)
Since 1988, the Janta Sewak Society (JSS) has been opening doors for needy children and families in Canada and overseas. We support charities providing education, healthcare and other services to children and other vulnerable citizens.

Steve Nash Foundation (

Formed as a family foundation in 2004, the Steve Nash Foundation is dedicated to assisting underserved children in their health, personal development, education and enjoyment of life. By increasing access to critical needs health and education resources at home and abroad, the Foundation works to ameliorate conditions for kids, families, and communities.

Streettohome Foundation (
Everyone should have a home. It’s what is right, and what our community wants. Streetohome Foundation came to life in 2008 as a partnership between Vancouver Foundation, the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia. Our goal is to tackle the problem of homelessness in Vancouver by creating safe, decent, affordable housing for those on the streets and those at risk in our city.

Vancouver Opera Board (
Although we are a separate group from Vancouver Opera, our fundraising efforts support Vancouver Opera programs such as Vancouver Opera In Schools. Each November, the Board hosts the Metropolitan Opera National Council Western District auditions and provides small grants to the winners. Past winners of these auditions have included Judith Forst and Mariateresa Magisano. The Career Development Grant is bestowed annually to either a promising singer or production person who is in the early part of his/her career. The Board also gives financial support to the University of British Columbia’s Opera School and the Vancouver Academy of Music student opera productions.