“The mandate of our foundation is to further the lives of children and their families around the world through programs involving sports, education and health."


David Sidoo was raised in a family of simple origins in New Westminster, BC and attended New Westminster Secondary School. During those formative years, David Sidoo was introduced to football, which gave him a sense of validation and focus. David Sidoo earned a scholarship to play football at UBC in 1978, where he became a highly decorated Thunderbird. In the summers David Sidoo worked two jobs to help support his family.

Following university, David Sidoo went on to be the first Indo Canadian to play in the Canadian Football League—five years with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and one year with the BC Lions. When he retired from football in 1988, David Sidoo went on to a very successful career in business in which he has built several companies.

Despite his successes, David Sidoo remains closely rooted in his community and has never forgotten the impact of the support he received from others early in life. “To whom much is given, much is expected,” David Sidoo is often heard to say.

Both David Sidoo and Manjy Sidoo —his wife and partner—have always been actively involved in their community, which naturally led to them establishing Sidoo Family Giving together.

Children are the future.

With that simple belief in mind, Sidoo Family Giving focuses on projects that help support youth and single parents.

“It’s important to uncover the needs in your own backyard. And if you can just help one person it makes all the difference in that person’s life and potentially for many others down the line. It feels good to do it,” says David Sidoo.

Sidoo Family Giving aims to inspire, encourage and empower others who have been blessed with success in life to look for opportunities to give and support their own communities.

How can you make a difference in your backyard?

Sidoo Family Giving was borne from the belief that within each of us lie the gifts of time, talent and treasure, and that those gifts can make a difference in the lives of others in our community.

We actively participate in and contribute to a number of local endeavors in the Lower Mainland area as well as certain projects outside this community we call home.

While we are fervent supporters of a number of causes and organizations in our community, please note that Sidoo Family Giving is not in a position to respond to unsolicited requests or proposals for funding at this time.

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