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Supporting Our Communities Through Time, Talent and Treasure

Initiatives We Support

Sidoo Family Giving was established in 2006 with the intention of giving back to a community that had provided so much to a young man in his youth.

Empowering Youth Through Sports

Through sports, youth are able to establish a pattern of physical activity that continues on into adulthood.

  • 13th Man Foundation
  • UBC Athletics
  • Canada Basketball & National Sport Trust Fund
  • NWSS Secondary
  • Crescent Moon Foundation
  • Kids Play Foundation
  • Supra Soccer Academy
  • William Quinter Society

Strengthen Community

We support a variety of initiatives that strengthen communities across BC and the lower mainland.

  • The Breakfast Club
  • City in Focus
  • BC Children's Hospital - Sidoo Family Endowment of Orthopedics
  • Streetohome Foundation
  • World Vision project “RUDI”
  • East End Boys Club of Vancouver
  • Oasis Kitchen at Tenth Church
  • Wholeway House

Supporting The Arts

The Sidoo Family has supported local art across BC for a number of years including the Vancouver Opera's Youth Programs

  • Vancouver Opera
  • The Old Vic Theatre London Refurbishment
  • Cinemathique, the Summer Visions Film Institute for youth

The following projects highlight some of the wonderful
initiatives that Sidoo Family Giving is proud to support.

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    Kidsplay Foundation

    Sidoo Family Giving is proud to be supporters of the Kids Play Foundation. Kids Play holds sports tournaments, conferences, and other projects for the youth community to learn about the opportunities they can seize within life. The organization is operated by leaders from all across the Lower Mainland wanting to bring a positive change within the community. Kids Play believes their work will allow the youth to discover the potential they have within themselves to reach greater heights in any aspect of life.

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    Supra Soccer Academy

    Supra Academy identifies and develops soccer players between the ages of 4-17 in British Columbia, Canada. We are open to players from any team, club or academy. We design high level, age and skill appropriate development programs that are overseen by experienced staff coaches. Our unique training programs target potential technical weaknesses while continuously building on each player’s tactical knowledge and awareness. Most importantly, the academy’s objective is to develop the player’s confidence to compete at a higher level.

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    Oasis Cafe at Tenth Church

    Loneliness and social isolation is an experience many of us face at some point in our lives. It is a common thread that bridges us, regardless of our background. At the core, Oasis Café is intended to be a haven for people to find refreshment and renewal. Sidoo Family Giving is proud to support Oasis at Tenth Church.

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    The William Quinter Society

    Sidoo Family Giving is proud to support The William Quinter Society. It was created in late 2015. The nonprofit was named in honor of Bill Quinter who worked in Canadian professional football for over fifty years. Behind the scenes he spent his time running youth football camps where young football players could develop their skills. From that, he created organizations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba that still exist today and have helped thousands of young football players move on to post-secondary schools where they played football, but also earned degrees.

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    UBC Athletics

    David and Manjy Sidoo are both UBC alumni, and Sidoo Family Giving provides generous scholarships to students in athletics and the arts. The athletics endowment is the largest of its kind at UBC. Each year SFG funds 14-20 athletic scholarships to create opportunities for students within the community to attend UBC.

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    Vancouver Opera

    Stemming from a deep passion for the arts, Manjy Sidoo had been an active member of the Vancouver Opera Board of Directors for a number of years. Sidoo Family Giving also lends support to the Opera's educational programs such as Vancouver Opera in the Schools.

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    The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club of BC strives to combat food insecurity and promote health and learning by implementing community-based breakfast programs in underserved elementary schools. By providing funding, kitchen equipment, training, and management tools, we endeavour to eradicate hunger among the province’s most vulnerable children.

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